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I connect with this a lot.

What was your Awakening moment?

iwannalaughallyourtearsaway this is the article. 

Yes, all of this.

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So MUCH cocaine that when I worked in the Financial District they used to try and tip us with it. We’d be like, “Yeah, no thanks cause my landlord isn’t Tony Montana, I can’t pay rent with this and I’m not looking to start a 2nd job as a dealer.

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Seun Kuti feat M1 - IMF (International Motherfucker) 

This woke me up this morning.


Watch: ’The Daily Show’ absolutely nailed what it’s like to be a woman on campus today 

James Madison University joined the ever-growing list of U.S. colleges that have grossly mishandled sexual assault and rape cases last week when a young woman claimed that the school punished the three men who assaulted her by expelling them — after graduation.

Jon Stewart echoed the perplexed outrage of many on The Daily Show last night when he asked, “Wait a minute, ‘expelled upon graduation?’ Isn’t that… graduation? … What the fuck? … Clearly, universities are not making their campuses safe for women.”

Watch the full clip

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Were you at Paulaner? You ARE perfect.

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after they just had iggy azalea……………

who called herself a runaway slave master….

and literally said something racist about every race… like, literally everyone..



I told y’all. Look how seamlessly we transitioned from Trey Songz to Yolanda Adams. From Pussy to the Pulpit. No one’s got you, like BET.

(Scream faint)

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Usher wanna be George Costanza so bad

Where Perv at??



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